D Silver is a Singer/Songwriter and Record Producer.

Every Friday 7pm -9pm & Sunday 7pm - 8pm

He has worked with well known top reggae artists/producers in 2011 from the UK and, has been featured on various artists albums, including names like Maxi Priest, Peter Spence, Peter Hunnigale, General Levy, Nereus Joseph..., just to name a few.

Silver has produced artists internationally, places like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Africa. A track called "Wicked People Raging" (produced by D Silver) went number 1 in the charts in Trinidad recorded by Trinidadian-based artist named Raslett.

D Silver started in music in his school days. He was the mic man MC and singer for many sound systems in North London. He also performed on sound systems at Notting Hill Carnival in the 1980’s and started recording jingles for community radio stations in the late 1980s

Silver has played on various Internet radio stations since 2016 and now he is currently on Star Light radio a London UK based Radio.

Check out D Sliver on iTunes, Spotify and all digital stores now.
D Silver, is also available for jingles, Dubplates, voicing advertising.
And if you would like your music mixed and mastered at a high standard, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Over 30 years experience in the music industry.

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Star Light radio presenter.
Every Sunday 8pm - 10pm UK

Damage aka Ricardo Fobes was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in New York City and now resides in Houston, Texas.

Damage attended three high schools in New York City. At his third school he studied Communications at Erasmus Hall High School.

His passion and interest for music embarked in Jamaica in the early 80’s, when the great U-roy and John Holt performed at his grandmother’s party. He also accompanied his grandmother and uncles on bus trips to parties.

Damage who quotes, “Music is my life. Music is how I express my feelings. Music is my daily relaxation”, started DJ’ing at the age of 14, as he grew up in a household of music lovers.


Co-founder of Star Light Radio

Lyrical Jamzz is an UK Artist/Songwriter who has been in the music industry for many years. He established his own Record label, collaborating with various international artists.

Now he has an active role in Star Light Radio’s management team. Lyrical Jamzz felt there was a need for new artists to get airplay and recognition in the music world. His aspiration is to empower young people pursuing a career path in the radio industry.

As Co-founder of Star Light Radio, Lyrical Jamzz is striving for great quality broadcasting to the UK and worldwide.



Twitter: @DJBE__


Bio: Blending a unique mix of afrobeats, reggae and UK hip-hop - DJ BE aims to collide continents with his eclectic choice of tracks, transporting the streets of London to the beaches of the Caribbean, the coasts of Africa and further.

While a radio presenter by trade, BE began his mixing journey last year and has since been featured on the BBC as a guest DJ, as well as picked up a residency at the popular student nightclub, Vodka, based in Winchester. You can listen to his mixes here:, and of course on Star Light Radio, Thursdays between 9pm - 11pm


Dj Kool Kid

Based in New Jersey USA on starlightradio every Saturday 7pm - 9pm UK time

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